Configuration Dialog:
[Options > Speed buttons]

Speed dial menu

The speed dial menu provides quick access to all speed buttons with a phone number in the form of a pop-up menu.More infos...

Show by hotkey: With this hotkey you can display the speed dial menu at the current mouse position on the desktop.

Show icon for speed dial menu in the system tray: If you enable this option, the icon for "speed dial menu" is shown in the system tray.

Status indication on speed-dial buttons (Monitor-LED/PresenceStatus)

View presence status by icon: The presence status of the user is indicated by an icon on the button.

View presence status by button background color: The presence status of the user is displayed with an appropriate background color of the button. Green for Available, blue for Absent or Busy.

Information for use and display the presence status ...

Show ring state by button background The background color of the button following the state of the assigned monitor LED. This option can help to boost the signaling effect of the monitor LED.

Brightness of the monitor LED in state "blinking": You can adjust the brightness of the LED in state blinking between 20% and 100%. The flashing status can also be signaled by a "steady light" to avoid too much deflection from other tasks.

For more information about using and displaying the call state (monitoring) ...

Monitor event notifications

Via speed dial button context menu you can request a notification for the following events:

  • after the call has ended
  • after the end of the next conversation
  • if the Presence Status changes to "Available"

For the type of alert following options are available:

  • Create Date "Reminder" and show it by Alert window
  • Play beep
  • flash the speed dial button several times
  • View speed dial panel in the foreground

Standard action for speed dial buttons with monitor LED

The standard action specifies which action is preferred when a shortcut key is pressed by mouse click, hotkey or menu if several options are available at the same time. In addition, conditions can be specified in which a dialog is displayed for selecting an action.

Other settings

Design: The following key designs are available:

  • Classic: 3D optics with round LEDs
  • Flat 1: square LEDs inside the speed dial button
  • Flat 2: differently shaped LEDs, in order to be able to recognize the conditions even with color ametropia.
  • Flat 3: rectangular LEDs to the left of the speed dial button

In addition, the button background with brightness and transparency can be adapted to the window background color. If necessary, the transparency should not be increased too much, as it also affects the button background signal colors (call status and presence status). The presentation of the LED and the lettering are not affected.

Allow sending email via drag&drop: If a journal entry is dragged and dropped onto a speed dial button with an entered email address, a call email is automatically created. It is opened in the standard e-mail program and contains the data of the call from the journal entry and the destination address of the speed dial key. The email can still be edited and then sent with one click. Further information on call emails ...

Create new speed dial panel

To create a new speed dial or Server panel, use the appropriate button.

Hint: The button "Link CTI Server Group panel" is available only when the plug-in CTI Server is enabled and the CTI Client is connected to the CTI Server.
Notes to the Server Panel.

For more information: