Configuration Dialog:
[Options > Appointments]

Appointment settings

Appointment category as default for new appointments: Select the appointment category to be used when creating a new appointment as the default.

Birthday reminders: If this option is enabled, birthday reminders are automatically transferred from the phone book folders unless they have a corresponding field of the type "Date of Birth". The entries are registered with a lead time of 10 days in the appointment list. The alarm warning time for birthday reminders is in the basic configuration 7 days. It can be adjusted in "alarm defaults for category".

Individual phone book folders can be excluded from the search for birthday reminders, if the "Report No birthdays for this folder" option is enabled in the folder properties.
See also [Folder Properties - birthday reminders] ...

Delete completed appointments older than: If this option is enabled, events are marked as completed and the date is older than the specified number of days are automatically deleted.

Sort the list view by date/time: Specify whether the event list should be sorted in ascending or descending. In "ascending" order dates with older date are displayed at the end and appointments with younger date at the top of the list.

Alarm window color settings

You can customize the colors or gradients for display and dialog background. The foreground color for the display is automatically set based on the background color.

Schedule alarm

Show alarm window: If this option is enabled, an alarm window is displayed on the desktop when the alarm-warning time has been reached for an appointment.
See also schedule alarm ...

No alarm for appointments older than: Suppresses the display of the alarm window for dates that are older than the specified number of days.

Alarm defaults to Category

In this section you can assign each category an individual appointment-setting for the alarm time. This specification is used automatically when you create a new appointment, or assign an existing appointment a new category. A modified default value is assigned to the corresponding category only by pressing the button "Assign default alarm".