Configuration Dialog:
[Options > PhoneDialog (TAPI Device)]

TAPI Device - Settings

Dial Settigns: Configuration of city/area code, phone number format and some more.

Driver configuration: The configuration dialog of the TAPI driver is displayed.

Numbers: Select the phone numbers you want to control/monitor. If you use multiple, you can select it in the top left phone display window.
Hint: The button is disabled if the TAPI driver supports only one number. 

Extended Settings: Delay TAPI initialization at system startup.

Show "Please pickup the receiver"-dialog: A corresponding dialog is shown before the dial-command is sent to the device. As soon as you pick up the receiver the dialog is automatically closed and the phone number is dialed. This option should be used for TAPI devices without automatic offhook.

Call signaling by sound card: Hint: If you phone via sound-card (e.g. in combination with an ISDN card), you should activate this option.

Fade out sound on calls: Activate this option to fade out the sound output of other applications such as media players or web browsers during phone calls. At the end of the call, these are fade in again. Further important information on configuration and requirements can be found here ...

This is a TAPI device of another user: This setting may affect the monitoring via a CTI Server Group panel. Only the calls of the "own" TAPI devices are reported to the CTI Server and thus displayed on the Group panel.

Add more TAPI devices

To create on the level "PhoneStack" a new PhoneDialog and assign it the TAPI device.

Hint - Local TAPI profile: These settings are stored in a local profile directory. The local profile uses your computer name.