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Configuration Dialog:
[Options > Journal]


Transfer events from these sources into this journal: Select the event source, from which calls should be included in the Journal. The entry "Multiple Event Sources" allows editing of multiple selection. 

Save number unformatted: Stores the number unformatted in the Journal, as it was reported by the TAPI driver.

Journal limit: This value limits the duration of the logging on the number of days/months. Older entries are removed from the journal.

Correct times in the journal: This offset value readjusted the journal entries (in hours), eg to compensate for shifts through time zones.

Remove duplicate calls: With this option, you can prevent logging duplicate calls, e.g. several short time following calls with same phone number. Exceptions can be configured via "Settings" button.


display additional columns: Allows showing or hiding of additional columns in the journal list.Explanation of the columns...

Time format: Determines the formatting of the "Time" column.

Show Journal if more than one missed call: If this option is enabled, the journal is displayed automatically with several missed calls, for example the application window is displayed and the Journal tab is activated or the journal will appear as a pop-up window on the desktop.

Filter: Set the period for which the journal entries should be displayed. This only affects the display in the journal list but does not affect the logging in the database. 

Hide Duplicate calls: With this option, you can suppress the display of duplicate calls, e.g. several successive short time following calls with same phone number. Exceptions can be configured via "Settings" button.


Ignore standard device: If this option is activated, on dialing a journal entry the PhoneDialog (or the TAPI device) is used through which the call was made. Otherwise, the default PhoneDialog is used for dialing.