Configuration Dialog:
[Options > Interworking]

Start/Control of Other Applications Interworking Control (IWC)

With activation of this option an additional button is shown below the edit line, by which you can start control sequences.

  • The control sequences can also be executed automatically by call event.
  • Application examples:
    • Search for a phone number in an online phone book. Hint: The display is only in the web browser. Contact data is not automatically transferred to the CTI Client.
    • Transferring a phone number or a data field to another application via command line or keyboard remote control.
    • Further information about interworking ...

Control Sequences: This list contains all already defined control sequences.

Save-Location: The sequences are stored in the working directory in the "Interworking/IWC" folder. This folder can also contain subfolders. This allows for the logical grouping of multiple sequences belonging to an application or category. This grouping is also reflected in the selection menu through the display in submenus. After manual changes in the "IWC" folder, the affected sequences may have to be reactivated in the sequence list.
For more information: Control sequence name...

New... / Edit...: Open the dialog to create/edit a control sequence.

Up / Down: Use these buttons to modify the order of the control sequences. This order affects the view of the control sequence start menu.