Configuration Dialog:
[Options > Telephony > Busylight]

Using a "Busylight" you can indicate your colleagues if you are on a call, do not want to be disturbed or if you are ready to answer a call.For more information about Busylight ...

This dialog is only available if the "Busylight" plug-in is activated under [Options > Customize > Components and Plug-ins].

Select Busylight device

From the drop-down list select the Busylight device to be used.

Show the following states via Busylight

Busylight colors

Each Busylight state can be assigned a color. Select the appropriate entry in the list and open "Edit Color" dialog either by double-clicking or via button "Edit Color...". The overall brightness of Busylight display can be set using slider between 5% and 100%.

Use the "Test" button to check the settings for color and brightness.

Special notes for Kuando Busylight

CTI Client Version 3.1.010 the Kuando Busylight is controlled via HTTP. In the basic configuration, the local TCP port 8989 is used.
For HTTP control you need one of these applications:

  • kuando_HTTP_Desktop_App
    • The HTTP port can be configured by the user via GUI.
  • kuando_HTTP_Service
    • The HTTP port can be configured via the registry:
      • [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Busylight]
  • kuando_HUB
    • Warning: kuando_HUB already contains the HTTP API. Kuando_HUB and kuando_HTTP must therefore not be installed at the same time.
    • The following settings must be made in the kuando_HUB software:
      • Activate the "HTTP Server" under [Advanced Settings].
        The "HTTP Server Access Token" is not required if kuando_HUB and CTI Client are running on the same computer.
      • "HTTP" must also be activated under [Platform Priorities] and prioritized if necessary.