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CTI Client

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  With xtelsio CTI client you can control your phone simply by mouse click. By adaptable data binding and Interworking functions, the CTI Client optimally adjusts to available software environments.
Version Differences
New functions in version 3.x

Telephony Functions   Data Connectors
Telephone Control

Integration of TAPI-capable phones / PBX'
Connectors for:
Asterisk PBX'
IP-Phones: snom | Tiptel | Yealink | Mitel/Aastra | Gigaset DX
Zoiper (IAX Client)
Dialling from other applications
by Hotkey
by mouse click
by URL
Lotus Notes
Access databases, ODBC
ACT! Contact Manager
combit address manager
cobra Adress PLUS
Text files
Quick search
Monitoring & other functions    Special Configurations
Speed Dial panel based on server group + Presence Management
Call Notes

Interworking (e.g., control of other applications)
Team Work
Shared Address Data
Shared Notes

Monitor the phone status of internal extensions (free/busy)
Network Installation
Terminal Server Installation


Features of the program versions:


The xtelsio CTI Client is offered in three versions which distinguish with regard to the function scope:

  • Light (free)
  • Standard
  • Professional

Hint: The standard and professional versions are based on the same installation. During the evaluation time of 30 days you can test the full function scope of the Professional-version. If you acquire a license key later for the Standard-version, only the functions of the Standard-version will be activated.

Supported Functions

Supported Functions Version
  Light Standard Professional
 - TAPI (Dial, Drop)
 - TAPI (Answer, Consultation, Transfer, Toggle, Conference, Hold)  
 - TAPI (Call Forwarding, Do-Not-Disturb)  
 - Redial  
 - CAPI Driver  
 - Voice Recording (if you phone by ISDN card and Headset)    
 - Multiline  
 - ActiveX Control    
 - Outlook Add-In    
 - Search in PhoneDialog     3.x
 - Dial from out of other applications by Hotkey
  (The lite version is limited to 20 Actions per day.)
 - OCR Dial by middle Mause Key  
 - Dial from out of other applications by TAPI-Connector  
 - Dial by URL  
 - TAPI Connector (TAPI Driver)  
 - Support for "Kuando™ Busylight"     3.x
integrated telephony drivers for      
 - Asterisk PBX systems  
 - IP desk phones of snom, Aastra/Mitel, Yealink, Tiptel 31xx, Gigaset DX 800A, DX 600A  
 - Zoiper  
 - Skype    
 - SIP-SoftPhone    
 - xtelsio CTI Server  
LCR (DE only)    
 - LCR Update 1x
Data Connectors      
 - Text Files (*.csv, *.txt)
 - Load Text Files from Web Server (HTTP)    
 - Load Text Files from File Server  
 - Outlook  
 - ODBC (Databases with ODBC Driver)    
 - Lotus Notes (via ODBC Driver)    
 - ACT!-Contacts (readonly)    
 - combit address manager Contacts (only read access)    
 - cobra Adress PLUS Contacts (only read access)    
 - LDAP Data Sources (only read access)    
 - Limit of Records (Maximum Entries) 200
 - Maximum Number of Telephone Books 1
 - Data Import
 - Data Import via Clipboard  
Data Form      
 - Individual Adaptation of the Data Forms  
 - Maximum Entries per Day 10
 - Log Calls in Outlook Journal    
 - Search Filter    
 - Maximum Number of active Appointments 10
EMail (Send via default e-mail client)
Speed Dial
 - Monitor Bar  
 - Maximum Number of State LEDs 3 16 256
 - Speed Dial panel based on CTI Server group     3.x
Presence management by CTI Server     3.x
Call Notes
 - Document Hyperlinks in Call Notes  
 - Linked Notes (e.g. Outlook Memo Field)  
 - transfer of Caller-ID to other applications via URL, command line parameters, Keyboard Control Sequence  
 - Word Document Templates  
Create Setup  
Search in Telephone Book      
 - Name, First Name
  - Company, Phone Number, Group, ID, Search Filter, Full Text, MultiField  
Global search window     3.x
Integrated browser window     3.x