Configuration Dialog:
[Options > Journal > History]

The History shows statistical information about the currently selected contact/call in the form of several HTML pages.More infos...

Contact-related history settings

Source: Determines the source of the call records are fed.

Use main journal of xtelsio CTI Server: Check this option to search history items in the xtelsio CTI Server main journal. Local journal entries will be ignored then. You can tansfer your local journal to Server via: Journal Context Menu > Export...

Scan-Limit: Limits the search for call records to the specified number of months.

Display limit: Limits the search for call records to the specified number.

Summarize call entries within a time window of: With these options, several calls from a subscriber with the same number that are within the time window are combined into single entry in the call list.

Display Settings

When displaying a new contact: Specify which page (Overview, Calls, Notes) is to be started when displaying a new/other contact or whether to keep the currently active page.

Display on the page "Overview"

Additional fields in the "Contact" area: Available field types and field names can be selected via dialog, to be displayed in addition to the contact information. The "available fields" always refer to any phonebook folder. Fields that are not included in the phone book of the currently displayed contact are automatically hidden. Fields with empty content can also be hidden. 

Limit journal entries to: Determines how many journal entries appear maximally in the area "Calls" on the "Overview" page. A complete list of items is displayed on the page "Calls".

Limit notes to the last "X" lines:  Limits the display of notes on the "Overview" page to the number of predetermined lines. The last note lines are displayed.