Configuration Dialog:
[Options > Interworking > Word-Document Templates]

In this dialog you can manage word templates, with which you can create then record-referred letters and faxes. The Mail Merge function of Word is technical basis for that.

Linking Word documents to record fields

1. Creation of Data Source

The xtelsio CTI Client uses a HTML-file data.htm as Mail Merge data source with a table which is generated from the currently selected record.
For the initial configuration of a template, you can generate the file data.htm by selecting a record and choose via context menu [Extended > Create templates\data.htm]. The folder "templates" is opened then automatically.

Hints to data source format:

The table in the file data.htm contains the column names (field names) in the first line. The first column names are standardised and always contained, regardless, whether the record has a corresponding field. The remaining columns are in each case folder-specific.

2. Creation of the Word Template

As Word template you can customize the file templates\brief.doc or you create a new word document and you assign manually the record fields from data.htm.

Assignment of the record fields:

  1. Open your Word template.
  2. Activate the toolbar for Mail-Merge via: Extras > Letters and mailings
  3. Open the data source templates\data.htm by the second icon of the Mail-Merge toolbar.
  4. Click on the icon "Insert Mail-Merge fields". With the appearing dialog you can insert the record fields now.

Save your Word-template.

Creation of a Word document for the current data record

  1. Select a record in the main dialog and click the button IWC in the PhoneDialog.  
  2. Select the wanted document template in the appearing menu.
  3. The xtelsio CTI Client saves the current record then in the file "templates\data.htm", opens the document template and generates a new document from both. The document template will be closed automatically.

Option: Suppress Word-SQL-Warning

If you use Microsoft Office 2003 or Microsoft Office XP Service Pack 3 the following message bax my appear:

Opening this will run the following SQL command:


You can suppress this message by this check box. Security warnings and additional information are available at: