Control of other applications

Under the keyword "Interworking" the CTI Client provides various techniques:

  • Call URLs with parameters
  • Calling programs with parameter transfer
  • Calling scripts with parameter transfer (for example Batch, PowerShell or VisualBasic)
  • Opening documents
  • Remotely control other running applications with simulated keystrokes

Create a separate control sequence for each application to be controlled. The call can be made both automatically with a call event, as well as manually via menu or hotkey. The phone number or any database field can be passed as a parameter in the file path or in the URL using placeholder variables.

The following screenshot shows the manual call of a control sequence with the help of the "Interworking-Button" on the PhoneDialog. The data to be transferred refer to the currently selected call tab.


Notes on application control via simulated keystrokes:

  1. A running application is recognized by the Windows title bar and brought to the foreground.
  2. Now the application can be remotely controlled with simulated keystrokes.
    Example: Open a search input dialog via "Ctrl + F" => wait until the dialog becomes visible => transfer the phone number or a record ID into the search input field => start the search action with "Enter".
    Further notes on "Keyboard control sequences" ...

In the basic configuration, several example sequences are included for typical use cases.
Description of example interworking sequences


Configure the interworking sequences via [Options > Interworking].

ActiveX-Control for phone number dialing and display

The ActiveX Control can be used in other applications to dial phone numbers and to process incoming and outgoing call events. The ActiveX-Control is supported by Professional-Version only.
Further infos see example with Access.