Using a "Busylight" you can indicate your colleagues if you are on a call, do not want to be disturbed or if you are ready to answer a call.

The CTI Client offers from version 3.0.026 support for "Kuando™ Busylight". Information about this device, see

Activate Busylight

Activate under [Options > Customize > Components and plug-ins] the component "Busylight". After an application restart you can open the Busylight configuration via the main menu [Options > Telephony > Busylight].

Help for Busylight configuration ...

Busylight status indications

Per Busylight, both the ringing and the presence status can be signalized. The display of the busy status (incl. Call Forwarding / Do Not Disturb, and missed calls) can be set individually for each PhoneDialog. Information and requirements to display the presence status ...

Busylight state Meaning for ringing Meaning for presence status Busylight indication
ready Phone is idle, on-hook ready green
not ready Call forwarding and/or Do Not Disturb is set All busy states: e.g. Do not disturb, absence, pause, ... blue
in conversation Phone is busy, off-hook red
Incoming call Incoming call flashing
error condition e.g. TAPI line could not be opened. orange
Missed Calls One or more missed calls short pulsed