Functions Standard
Telephone Control
Dial, Drop
Answer, Consult, Transfer, Toggle, Conference, Hold *)
Redial , ▸ Call Forwarding and Do-Not-Disturb *)
Control of multiple phones / TAPI devices
Search for contact information directly in the PhoneDialog
Audio controller directly in the PhoneDialog - for headset telephony via integrated SIP SoftPhone
Support for "Kuando ™ Busylight"
Support for TAPI-enabled phones and PBXs
Telephone system with central TAPI driver
Telephone system with locally (decentral) installed TAPI drivers
Telephone with TAPI driver, 1st-Party--CTI
Integrated connectors (telephony driver) for:
Asterisk PBX'
IP-Phones (snom • Yealink • aastra/Aastra • Tiptel • Gigaset DX)
Android Smartphones
SIP-SoftPhone , ▸ Skype , ▸ Zoiper Business Softphone
xtelsio CTI Server
Dialing from within other applications
by mouse click and OCR number recognition , ▸ by Hotkey , ▸ by URL
via "CTI Client TAPI-Connector" (TAPI driver)
Outlook Integration
Direct dialing from Outlook via Outlook plug-in
Direct dialing from Outlook via CTI Client TAPI-Connector
Shared contacts and contact notes in Outlook and CTI Client
Automatically open Outlook contacts on incoming call
Log calls in the Outlook Journal  
Speed dialing, TAPI monitoring and presence management
Unlimited number of speed dial panels and speed dial buttons per panel
Monitoring of other extensions via TAPI monitor LED
Notification of state changes (for example, after end of conversation, when ready, ...)
Speed dial panel based on CTI Server groups **)
Presence Management for CTI Server groups ***)
TeamChat ***)
TeamChat for a fast 1: 1 communication in connection with the CTI Server
Manage phonebook folders and records
Unlimited number of phonebook folders
Unlimited number of records per phonebook folder
Import records (into an existing folder)
Import records from the clipboard
individual adaptation of the input masks
Extensive search function (including name, first name, company, telephone number, full text, etc.)
Supported data sources (reading and writing)
ODBC databases
Google Contacts
CardDAV Server
Text files (*.csv, *.txt) within your own working directory
Outlook® contacts , ▸ CAO-Faktura contacts
Supported data sources (read only)
Text files (*.csv, *.txt) outside of your own working directory
LDAP data sources
Load Text Files from Web Server (HTTP)
Lotus Notes Contacts , ▸ ACT! Contacts
Logging of all calls with time, name, phone number and call duration
Offline journal in conjunction with the CTI Server **)
Search filter bar for name/company, phone number, status, time and more
Contact-related display of address data, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, notes and journal entries
Display custom fields
Call Notes
Document hyperlinks in notes
linked notes (for example, Outlook memo field)
Global Search
Simultaneous search in multiple sources (e.g., phone books, speed dial, appointments)
Create filters to search in specific fields and sources
Wildcard search, upper and lower case and multiple search terms
Dates and tasks
Create appointments, tasks, call and birthday reminders
Automatic notification of due dates
Interworking with other applications
Phone number transfer and control of other applications via URL, via command line parameters or keyboard control sequence
Form letters based on Word document templates
Support for group work
common contact data , ▸ Shared Notes
Support for network installation and Terminal Server installation
Flexible window management
Create additional application windows or Desktop Sidebars
Free positioning of tab windows , ▸ Docking and undocking pop-up windows
Supported operating systems (32-bit and 64-bit)
▸ Windows 7/8/10,11, Vista
▸ Windows Server 20xx
*) Depending on the TAPI driver or telephone, functions such as hold, consultation, conference or call forwarding are NOT available.    
**) Requires additionally the CTI Client Access Licenses for the CTI Server    
***) Requires additionally the CTI Client Access Licenses and a Presence Management License for the CTI Server    
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