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xtelsio CTI products
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CTI Client - Standard
Workstation license
33,00 EUR
CTI Client - Professional
Workstation license
42,00 EUR
You need this license in the following cases:
  • Upgrade from [CTI Client 3.x Standard] to [3.x Professional]
  • Activation of the "Extended Functions" of the [CTI Client 3.x Professional] when upgrading CTI Client versions older than 1.1.2012.More information.
  • Upgrade from [CTI Client 2.x Standard] to [2.x Professional]
  • Upgrade from [CTI Client 2.x Standard] to [3.x Professional]
CTI Client - Upgrade to 3.x Professional
Workstation license
15,00 EUR
CTI Server - Client Access License
Each CTI Client accessing the CTI Server requires an Access license. The server itself does not require a license.
9,00 EUR
This license activates the presence management in the CTI Server.
  • The users / clients can then actively set their state (ready, busy, vacation, ...).
  • Presence management is only supported by CTI Client Professional. (Not by the standard version!)
  • You do not need a presence management license for the pure BLF display.
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CTI Server - Presence Management License
Enables Presence Management in the CTI Server.Only one license per server is required.
150,00 EUR
  • Licensing model ...
  • The xtelsio CTI Client already contains a TAPI Connector for Asterisk. If you use the client, you don't need an extra TAPI driver for Asterisk.
TAPI for Asterisk 10s license pack
A 10-license package allows the control/monitoring of 10 TAPI lines/telephones on one Asterisk PBX.

Number of 10 license packages
21,50 EUR
  • More info ...
  • xtelsio CTI Client already contains a TAPI-Connector for snom. If you use the Client, you don't need an extra TAPI driver for your snom phone.
TAPI for snom
A license allows the control/monitoring of one snom telephone.
8,00 EUR
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