xtelsio CTI Client
Enjoy the comfort of computer-assisted telephony:
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Professional telephony support for your existing contacts in Outlook, Google, Lotus Notes, ACT! or in data sources like Access, ODBC, CardDAV, LDAP or CSV files
Direct Outlook integration via plugin
Speed dial with TAPI monitoring
Presence status and TeamChat via CTI Server
Call journal, history, notes, appointments and tasks
Dialing from within other applications
Control of other applications via "interworking"
Support for TAPI-enabled phones and PBXs
Integrated drivers for Asterisk PBXs, FRITZ!Box
and IP phones like snom, Yealink, aastra/Aastra, Tiptel, Grandstream, Gigaset DX, Auerswald COMfortel D-xxx
xtelsio CTI Server
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The CTI Server enables the network deployment of several xtelsio CTI Clients. Both telephone systems with central TAPI driver and local TAPI/CTI connection are supported. An offline call journal also logs calls for logged-off client PCs. By TAPI monitoring and presence management, you can always see which of your colleagues is currently available.
TAPI for snom
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The TAPI driver for snom phones supports i.a. dial, hang up and call signaling. This allows direct dialing in OutlookŪ or other TAPI-enabled applications.
TAPI for Asterisk
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The TAPI driver for Asterisk-based PBXs supports i.a. dial, hang up and call signaling for all connected phones.
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