Advantages of a Network Installation

  • Reduction of the administrative expenditure for the first installations.
  • Phone books can be configured centrally.
  • Management of shared record notes in a team for data sources witch provided no accordingly sized note field.

Hint: If several users want to access together an address database and may edit shared notes, then this is possible also without network installation, e.g. by linking an Access database with a memo field column via ODBC. Further details see notes...


Directories of xtelsio CTI Client
  • The program directory contains all program files and some fix configuration templates. The program directory can be located locally or on a network drive. On the network the users should have only read access for the program directory.
  • The working directory contains the configuration and data files for a user/workplace.
    The configuration contains: Settings for folder, TAPI devices, journal and further options.
    To the data count among other things: personal phone books, cache data from other data sources (eg, Outlook, Access), call journal, notes and appointments.
  • Optionally a network configuration directory can be integrated which contains the common configuration as well as data files for several/all workplaces.
    To configuration belongs the settings for one or several folders (folder name, information about the data source, data form and folder properties).
    As data files can be provided centrally:
    • write protected phone books in text format,
    • Notes
    • LCR-Tabelle (only in German Version)

    The folders from the network-config-directory are read in with application start and become visible below the local folders.

Dialog-controlled network installation by setup generator

Under [File > Create Setup...] the Professional version provides a setup generator with which you can clone a configured installation and provide a central network configuration. The fundamental steps for a network installation with central configuration and shared notes would be following:

  1. Install xtelsio CTI Client locally on a computer.
  2. Configure the application according to your requirements:
  3. Start the setup generator via [File > Administration > Create Setup...] and choose [Network Setup + Expanded]. (With the setup generator you build a new preconfigured setup which you can run afterwards on one or several other computers.)
  4. Determine the network directories in which the setup and the central configuration are to be stored.
  5. Determine which folders are to be taken over in the local working directory and which folders in the central configuration.
  6. Determine, if additional settings are to be taken over like speed dial buttons and TAPI configuration.
  7. With [Finish] the setup will be created.
  8. Now you can run the setup on another computer. Then this installation contains all settings done before.

You find additional tips in the context help to the single dialogs of the setup generator.