CAPI: Common ISDN Application Programming Interface. Via CAPI interface, applications can access different ISDN hardware (for example ISDN cards).

CSV: Comma Separated Values: A file with the extension "csv" contains tabular dates in text format whose columns are separated by comma or semicolon. Optionally all text fields can be set into quotation marks. A field is put also in quotation marks, when it contains a comma and/or a semicolon or a word wrap. The first line of the file contains the column names mostly.

CTI: Computer Telephony Integration: CTI stands for systems and their components that enable a functional association of computers and telecommunication systems.

ISDN: Integrated Services Digital Network (digital telephone network).

ODBC: Open Database Connector: Via ODBC, applications can access different databases. For this purpose an ODBC driver must be installed for the respective database.

TAPI: The Telephony Application Program Interface (TAPI) from Windows® offers a homogeneous software interface for telephony applications. TAPI-applications can access different hardware, if a TAPI driver is installed for that.