Central configuration directory

There is also provided a "config" directory to store the following configurations and data centrally:

  • Telephone books with data form
  • Notes
  • License Key

A Network Installation consists of two directories "setup" and "config" which are to be saved on a file server; for example under:


Provide Central Telephone Books

If a central telephone book with write access is supposed to be provided for all users, there are following possibilities:

  • include a ODBC datasource (e.g. an Access-File or a SQL-Server) or
  • include a public folder of a Exchange Server.

In this case the directory "config\folders\FOLDERNAME" contains a link to the data source, the column settings and the configuration of the data form.

If a central telephone book with read access is supposed to be provided for all users, all data sources supported by the CTI Client can be used. File data sources can be copied directly into the "config" directory by the setup creator. For all other data sources only the link to the actual data source is saved centrally as well as the column properties and the data form.

The xtelsio CTI Client displays the centrally configured telephone books in the folder structure below the locally configured folders. These folders can't be deleted in the cloned setup, but only by a new generation of the network setup.

Centrally saved Notes

Variant a): For a centrally provided telephone book the call notes can be made accessible to all users in the respective sub-folder "config\folders\FOLDERNAME\notes". So that the call notes of the respective telephone book are stored in the central "notes" folder, the option "Save notes in network directory" is to be activated under the folder properties. See: [Context menu of the folder > Properties > Properties]

If you want to use also the central notes on the workstation from which you generated the setup, you should manage two Client installations then on this computer.
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Variant b): If the data source offers write access and a memo field, the memos can be associated directly with the memo field then via: [Context menu of the folder > Properties > Properties > Memo field].

Functionality of the Central Configuration

The cloned installations store the central "config"-directory and take over automatically modifications which were made at the central installation.

The central "config" directory can be set in the CTI Client also manualy via: [Options > Network].

For subsequent modifications of the "config" directory the setup generator is to be executed in the master-installation simply again. Since the application has stored the old settings, only the needed modifications are to be made.