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  • Setup Directory
  • Setup Settings
  • Transfer phonebook folders
  • Speed Dial
  • Working Directories
  • Create setup
  • Auto Configuration
  • Adjust the settings of existing installations
  • Setup.ini
  • Finish / create MSI

Setup Directory

This dialog is displayed only for the type "Network Setup".

Wählen Sie hier das Verzeichnis, in dem das Setup erstellt werden soll.


Directory Content
setup\ setup.exe
setup\bin\ Program Directory
setup\workingDir\ preconfigured working directory

Automatic program update: Here you can specify whether an automatic program update should be carried out later. More infos...

Setup Settings

Select the settings that are to be transferred to the setup. For example, the license key.

Transfer phonebook folders

Select in this dialog the folders you want to take over into the preconfigured installation.

Name: Select here all folders you want to integrate into the setup.

Type: Type of folder data source

Data Source: Precise type of the data source

Add as: According to type of the data source can be selected here between:

  • Copy: Data sources of the type "text file" can be taken over as a copy into the later working directory or into the central configuration directory.
  • Empty copy: Data sources of the type "text file" can be taken over as an empty telephone book into the later working directory. You can use "empty copy" for example, if you have already entered records in the private telephone book folder of the master installation and want to add this folder into the setup however without your private entries.
  • Link: For ODBC, LDAP and HTTP data sources only the option "Link" is offered since the CTI Client only stores the links to these data sources.

Target: Select here the target directory, in which the folder-(copy / empty copy / link) is supposed to be stored:

  • Local: The selected folder is added into the directory "setup\workingDir\" (the later working directory).
  • Network: This option is only available if the "central configuration directory" was checked in the initial dialog. The selected folder is saved then in the central "config" directory.

Speed Dial

Specify here whether the contents of the speed dial keys are to be transferred.

Working Directories

Specify the path under which the user's CTI Client working directories are to be created later. Each user needs his own work directory.

Create setup

By this dialog the setup directory is created. In the following dialogs post-edit are still possible.

Auto-configuration (based on users or computers)

Here you can set individual parameters based on the user or computer. For example, the TAPI device name.

Adjust the settings of existing installations

Here you can specify which changes you want to apply to the existing installations. For this purpose a difference to the last or an older snapshot is to create and to confirm.

  • If the dial settings are changed, the file "pbx_list.xml" should be available for selection.


Here you can enter parameters in the setup.ini file. This file is later read by the setup.exe.


For a silent installation, set:

When for "ProgramDir =" no path is specified, the default program directory will be used.

Finish / create MSI

 If you have arrived here, the setup directory was created completely. You can now optionally generate a MSI package.