The automatic program update allows an administrator to keep a larger number of CTI Client installations up to date.

Conditions for automatic update

The condition is that the corresponding CTI Clients are installed from a Setup, created by "Build Setup".

To enable automatic updates, the following settings in the Setup generator must be chosen:

  1. The setup must be of type "Network Setup".
  2. The option "Automatic Program Update" must be activated.
  3. In the Update settings the update interval must be specified (eg daily).
  4. The option "Use update service" must be activated (allows automatic updates without admin rights).
  5. The option "If an update is found:" must be set to "Download and install...".
  6. The update path entered in field "Setup directory" must be accessible to the appropriate Clients and the update service. The path is provided as a UNC path to the "Update Service" running with system privileges. 

More information about Setup Generate ...

Sequence of an automatic updates

  1. The CTI Client checks after each program start with a delay of 5 minutes if a new software version is available. It is based on the settings defined by the setup generator. This includes, among other things, the update interval (eg daily) and the path used for searching for updates.
  2. If an update was found, the CTI Client first copies it to the following local folder, since the update service may not have access to network directories:
    • C:\ProgramData\ITecSoft_de\AdminAndUpdateService\
  3. The CTI Client now starts the "Update Service" to update the program directory. At first, the new program directory will be created in parallel to the existing program directory with the extension "_update_pending".
  4. During the next system shutdown process, the previous and the new program directory will be renamed accordingly. The previous program directory receives the extension "_old".

You can use the following tricks to test the automatic update function, even if the program versions of the generated network setup and the local installation are identical:

  1. Go to the folder from the generated network setup.
  2. Open the "version_info.xml" file with the text editor.
  3. Increase the version number [Version > Current]. For example: "3.1.018" to "3.1.019"
  4. In the CTI Client menu call [File > Restart application].
  5. Wait 10 minutes.
  6. A new subfolder "setup" should now be visible under "C:\ProgramData\ITecSoft_de\AdminAndUpdateService\".
    And under "C:\Program Files (x86)\" a new folder with the extension "_update_pending" parallel to the existing CTI Client program directory.
  7. If after a system restart the folder with the extension "_update_pending" has disappeared and a folder with the extension "_old" is visible, then the update was successful.
  8. Undo the fake version number change in the "version_info.xml" file.