The following scenarios are supported by the CTI Server
  • In conjunction with a 3rd party TAPI driver of your telephone system:
    • Control your own telephone via the CTI Server.
    • Monitoring / BLF of other TAPI devices.
  • In conjunction with local TAPI on the Clients or locally connected phones:
    • Monitoring / BLF of other CTI Clients via a group in the CTI Server.
    • If necessary, the CTI Server can also be installed on another client PC in order to access its TAPI driver.
Configure CTI Server
Connect CTI Client to CTI Server
  • The CTI Server Connector is to be activated at:
    [Options > Customize > Components and Plugins > CTI Server].
    Then restart the client.
  • Create and configure a new "CTI Server connection" under [Options > CTI Server].
  • Under [Options > PhoneDialog (TAPI device)] click "Select TAPI device".
    In the following dialog the CTI Server should be displayed to the left.
    Then select your TAPI device on right side.