What is Asterisk?

Asterisk™ is Open Source software with which you could turn a normal PC into a VoIP PBX. By the installation of special ISDN cards or analog adaptors you can also connect ISDN and analog phones beside SIP-capable phones.

Since the installation and configuration of an Asterisk PBX for professional use is quite complex, several manufacturers offer preconfigured systems that do not differ externally from a traditional PBX.

▶ Systemhäuser und Ansprechpartner für Asterisk-TK-Anlagen

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In CTI Client integrated Connector for Asterisk systems

The integrated Asterisk Connector can monitor and control several devices of an Asterisk PBX.

Hint: The Asterisk driver is loaded directly by the Client, it is no real TAPI driver integrated in the Windows system. You can use the Asterisk driver, however, also from other TAPI capable applications, while you use the TAPI Connector. Select in the other TAPI application simply the "CTI Client TAPI-Connector" for TAPI driver. The Connector passes on all TAPI commands to the first device configured in xtelsio CTI Client.

Alternatively, you can install and use the stand-alone "xtelsio TAPI for Asterisk" parallel if necessary. For example, if you need additional real TAPI lines on a terminal server.


For configuration of an Asterisk line, see:
[Options > PhoneDialog (TAPI Device) > Select > VoIP > Asterisk Line X]

In the basic configuration 5 Asterisk Lines are displayed, to configure manually. Or click in the dialog on "Scan Asterisk Lines ..." and then have the option to read out the extensions of the Asterisk system or manually create more lines.

Unfortunately, the scan does not work with all Asterisk installations - depending on which functions are accessible via the Asterisk Manager Interface.

Dial a number, hold, consultation

If you dial a telephone number via TAPI application, your Asterisk phone device is called first and as soon as you have picked up the receiver the real destination number is dialed.

Some IP phones can be controlled directly via HTTP. These include desktop phones (without DECT) of Snom, Aastra, Yealink and Tiptel. These phones can be configured as a "Special Device" thus allowing direct dialing, answering calls, hold, consultation and transfer.

Simple SIP Client for Asterisk

The xtelsio CTI Client turns your PC also in a simple soft phone for Asterisk.

Activation of SIP SoftPhone: [Options > TAPI Devices > Add > VoIP > SIP-Line1 for Asterisk]

Asterisk is a registered trade mark of the Digium Inc.