Skype is a free tool for voice, video and chat communications.

The xtelsio CTI Client contains a Connector for "Skype". You can call Skype users within the CTI Client application and if you use SkypeOut, you can make calls also to landline telephone numbers and mobile numbers. Via hotkey-dial or CTI-Client-TAPI-Connector, you can initiate Skype calls indirectly also with other applications (for example with Outlook).

"Skype for Business" provides no local API more and is therefore not supported.
- Tested with Skype Version 7.41

Activation of the Skype Connector in CTI Client

  1. Please click to [Options > PhoneDialog (TAPI Device) > Select TAPI Device].
  2. Select here [VoIP > Skype > "TAPI-Line for Skype"] and then click to [OK (Select TAPI Device)].
  3. In the dialog "TAPI Devices" you need to define your location via: [Dial-Settings... > Location].
  4. Do not modify other settings in "Devices".
  5. Hit OK. The Skype device is activated now.


  1. Skype must be started and connected with the Internet.
  2. Enter a Skype Username or a phone number into the xtelsio edit line and hit the receiver button.
  3. Skype should now indicate "Connecting with Username".

Enable API access in Skype

See: Menu in Skype [Menu > Actions/Tools > Options > Advanced > Manage other program's access to Skype].
Here the xtelsio CTI Client must be listed with "Access to Skype allowed".

EN: [Menu > Actions/Tools > Options > Advanced > Manage other program's access to Skype]

Processing of Skype Usernames in CTI Client

If you want to call a Skype username from within the CTI Client window, then it is most secure, to enlarge that name with prefix "skype/". You should enter therefore "skype/Username" in the telephone book in a phone number field instead of only "Username".

For VoIP phone number or names, a special field type "Tel-VoIP" is offered. If you assign this type to a field (column), these names/numbers are shown in the telephone book with a headset icon.

Mapping of Normal Phone Numbers for Skype

Skype (SkypeOut) needs the phone numbers always with country code, for example: 0049 3727 999999. The applications adds the city and country code for incomplete phone numbers automatically.

Selecting Skype TAPI device, if you have configured several TAPI devices

If you have arranged another classical TAPI device next to Skype, then you can mark a "Default Device". Set this flag via: [Right mouse click onto the receiver > Use as default device]

If there is no "Default-Device":

  • If you set the prefix "skype/" to phone number, the application interprets this as a request to dial with Skype.
  • Otherwise always the first device is used to dial the phone number.

Skype calls from other applications

For Outlook you can use Dial by hotkey via clipboard or you use the TAPI device "TAPI Connector" in Outlook.