General information about shared address data

  • The management of address data with common writing access requires a database. This can be:
    • a public Exchange folder
    • A database with ODBC driver, e.g. Microsoft Access
  • For ODBC databases you need the CTI Client Professional.
  • For CSV files no shared write access are supported.

Instructions for the use of common address data with Microsoft Access database

  1. In the CTI Client menu, click [? > Open working directory ..].
  2. Copy from working directory the file "test-db-access\contacts.mdb" into a network directory.
  3. Close the CTI Client.
  4. Open in working directory the file "folders\Access-DB\cfg\datasource.ini" with text editor.
  5. Replace in file "datasource.ini" all entries "test-db-access" with your network directory.
  6. Now you can copy file "folders\Access-DB\cfg\datasource.ini" into the working directory of all other CTI Client Installations.
  7. The file "folders\folders.ini" must also contain an entry "Access-DB", so that the folder is displayed in the CTI Client.