Configuration Dialog:
[Options > Interworking (Start/Control Other Applications) > New../Edit.. > Control Sequence > Edit...]

Keyboard Sequence

Start Sequence: Define here the keyboard-actions which are necessary in order to reach the phone number input field of the target application.
Hint: If the target application is already running, the current input focus can lie on an arbitrary application element. Test your sequence in such a way. If there are problems you should attempt with the first keyboard actions to get a stable initial position from which you can navigate to the phone number input field.

Transfer Sequence: With this sequence a phone number or the content of a record field is transferred. Hint: If the phone number transfer failed it may be caused by:

  • The target field has not input focus.
  • The phone number was transfered before the target field got the input focus. Problem handling: Add a "wait 100 ms" action at the end of the Start-Sequence. Use the multiplier to get longer wait times.
  • A virus scanner like Zone-Alarm blocks the transfer. Ih this case you have to enable the xtelsio CTI Client in your anti-virus program.

The "copy number/data in clipboard" option may be used when the data are required in a parallel RDP session. In the RDP session, you can then manually paste data from clipboard into any application.

End Sequence: Define here the keyboard actions which are still to be carried out after the transfer of the phone number.

Add Keyboard Action

Repetition Counter: Determine here how often the keyboard action is supposed to be repeated. If you need for example three tab steps in order to change onto another dialog element of the target application then you can do that in one action.

System Keys: Select one of the system buttons in the middle selection field if they need these for the keyboard action.
Shift = Shift-key
Ctrl = Strg-key

+ Key: Declare a key in the right selection field for the keyboard action or select one of the predefined special keys.
Some predefined keys:
Wait_100_ms = A delay of 100 ms is inserted (If the previous keyboard action needs time for processing). With the repetition counter also longer times can be defined.
Backspace = Key above the return key
Context-Menu = Key left beside the right Ctrl-key;


Hotkeys: In the newer Windows versions the hotkeys are not shown by default. If the application does not support hotkeys you must navigate with the tab key first to the wanted button element and click it by key action <Enter>.

Navigation between applications elements:
Forward: <Tab>
Backwards: <Shift+Tab>

Navigate between property tab pages: Use <Ctrl+Tab> or <Ctrl+Shift+Tab> in backward-direction.