Configuration Dialog:
[Options > Interworking (Start / Control Other Applications) > New .../Edit ...]


With this dialog you define all settings for a control sequence.

Cross reference: Basic information about Interworking

Name of Control Sequence

You can enter a name you want. The sequence is displayed under this name in the selection menu and saved in the working directory in the "Interworking/IWC" folder. Therefore, the name may only contain characters that are also permitted for file names. If the name contains a "\" (e.g. AppName\Sequence1), the sequence is saved with the name "" in the subfolder "AppName". In this way, multiple sequences can be logically grouped into an application or category.

Start /Activation

An Interworking action can be started by the following events:

  • manually via Interworking button in the PhoneDialog
  • by call event
    • Via [Advanced Settings] can may set the control sequence to run only on incoming external calls.
  • via global hotkey

Available Actions (selection box "Action"):

- Open Document/URL: With this interworking action type, you can, for example, Open a URL in your default web browser when you receive an incoming call. In the input field below, enter the corresponding URL. If you want to open a local document or, for example, start a script file, then enter the file path.

You may modify the filepath/URL by predefined placeholders like %tel% to set parameters for EXE-files or URLs.

URL always open in the last active browser tab:

In Internet Explorer must be set: [Internet Options > General > Tabs > Open links from other programs in: "The currekt tab or window"].

In Firefox you need to set: Enter "about:config" in URL input line. Confirm the warning dialog. Then change the following parameters:

- A URL call can also be directed to an integrated browser window.
See: Webbrowser / URL-Routing

- Activate this application: This is the second available interworking action type that allows you to bring another running application to the front and then "remotely control" it using keyboard actions. The selection box below displays all currently running applications (their title lines). Select the application you would like to remote-control.
The content of the head line is used to activate the application later. You can post-edit the head line, if it contains variable parts, witch are not supposed to be considered for search.
Re-activate the last active application: Alt+Tab is sent.
Start Application: If the target application does not run yet, you can determine to start ist first. Please enter the complete path and filename of the target application (*.exe).

Control Sequence

This key sequence is used to remote-control the target application.

For "Open Document / URL" the control sequence is usually not needed.

Edit Dialog...