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  • Option: "only on this computer"
  • Hint for Outlook
  • Option: Refresh "with selecting a record"
  • Extended Refresh of New and Modified Records
  • Extended settings

The dialog for the cache synchronization of a telephone book can be reached via: [Right-click on the folder > Properties (Folder) > Cache].


Option: "only on this computer"

You should only change this configuration if you use the program on different computers and always relate to the same working directory.

Example1: You work sometimes on different computers in the network and always start the CTI Client in the same working directory on a network drive.

Example2: You hold the working directory (configuration) from xtelsio CTI Client on a mobile drive and use this on different computers.

Choose "alle" if the automatic refresh should be executed on all computers on which you start the Client with the current configuration. The primary data source should be then configures an accessible on all computers. If nevertheless the primary data source should be unavailable, must you for example confirm annoying error reports of ODBC.

Choose the current __Computername__, if you want to execute the automatic refresh only on this computer.

Hint for Outlook

The CTI Client checks after program-start, whether Outlook is available and then automatically synchronized the cache with 60 seconds delay.
In fis case, the settings in this dialog will affect only the additional background syschronisation that should only be done all 7 days.

Option: Refresh "with selecting a record"

If you select a record from this folder with the keyboard or mouse in the folder structure, the record is read in again then from the primary data source and modifications are shown.

Alternative: Manual refresh of a record with F5. (Hint: If a folder is selected and you press F5, the entire folder is refreshed.

Extended Refresh of New and Modified Records

Before phone-number-search at phone calls: With this option the folder cache is updated before starting the phone number search. Thus it is guaranteed that the last external modifications of records are considered at the search. Currently the updating is carried out of minimally all 5 minutes, that is, if within the last 5 minutes the cache was already updated, no refresh is done again at a phone-call.

 Extended settings

Exclude this folder at "Refresh all folders": A click onto the button "Refresh all folders" updates in the default setting all folders. With this option you can exclude a folder from the updating since for example its content is changed only rarely.