By dialog page [Server Connection] you can set up the management connection to the server. The server runs as background application (service) regardless of the management console. The management connection to the server runs over TCP/IP.

IP address or host name:
Declare here the IP address of the server. If the management console runs directly on the server, you can use localhost or as an IP address.

Port number: For the addressing of the server service also its TCP port number is required beside the IP address. The default setting is here 6233. The port number can be changed on tab [Configuration].

Password: A password is necessary only if you use the management console on another computer for remote configuration. At first a password is to be declared on the server via the dialog page [Configuration].


End xtelsio CTI Server service and restart:
A click on this button sends a management command to the CTI Server process that this should stop himself and restart. This action can be also carried out by remote control.

Stop: A click on the stop button stops the CTI Server process directly via the official service control of Windows.

Start: A click on the start button runs the xtelsio CTI Server service directly via the service control of Windows.

Server automatically start with system startup:
If this option is set, the xtelsio CTI Server is started as a service while booting up Windows.


The functions for server configuration are for safety only locally available on the server machine. The modification of the parametres is done directly on the server, so without TCP/IP connection.

Password: A password is to be set only if you want to use the management console for remote control on the network. If this is not the case, no password should be set, because therefore all connecting attempts are rejected from another computer.

Port number: Via the specified port the clients and the management console are connecting to the xtelsio CTI Server. You should change the port only if it is already used by another server application. Then on the clients the same port number is to be configured.
Default setting is: 6233.


The status page is helpful for server observation.

Activate trace (server\trace.txt)
With this option the internal program expiry can be logged on the server. The log file can help if there are problems with special TAPI drivers.

Error Handling

TAPI device reset at Client logout: If a CTI Client logs off, his TAPI device is closed and if necessary re-opened for the off-line monitor.