In this dialog all clients which should receive access on xtelsio CTI Server are to be declared. The TAPI devices for which they should receive authorisations (owner's rights or monitor rights) are to be assigned to the clients.

Then the clients see only the TAPI devices which are registered in the server for them.

Columns of the Client List

  • TAPI device (owner): In this column the first device for which the client has owner rights is shown.
    • If "[C]:" is in front of the TAPI device name, then it is a temporary device permission related to the client computer name. So under [Devices] a computer name was assigned to the TAPI device. For more information see:Client Privileges
  • More TAPI Devices: In this column are listed all other device for which the client has owner rights.
  • Monitor Devices: In this column all devices are listed for which the client has monitor rights.
  • Version: Displays the CTI Client's program version. Is only supported from CTI Client version 2.2.046.

Connection State Icons

Active Client is connected and logged in.
Offline Client is offline.
Offline Monitor Client is offline. There is a running offline monitor for this client, that means that calls are logged in the client offline journal.

Toolbar buttons

Refresh A click on this button reload the list of all Clients from the Server.
New... Add a new Client. See dialog for more: Add/Edit Client PC
Edit... Edit the configuration of the current selected Client. See dialog for more: Add/Edit Client PC
Delete The current selected client is removed.