Basic Configuration Steps

The configuration of the server is done via the accompanying management console which can be executed locally on the server or "remote" on network PC.

  1. The management console must be connected with the server (see dialog Server).
  2. Under Devices the required devices (phones) of the TAPI driver must be visible.
  3. Under Clients all Clients/Users must be created and configured. Each client is to assign his main TAPI device (phone).
  4. To use the server with more than two clients, you need a license key after the 30 day trial period. This is to be entered under Licenses.

Monitoring / Presence Management with CTI Client 3.x

In conjunction with the CTI Client 3.x, a presence management, and LED monitoring is supported by groups. The advantage is that the groups can be configured in the server. At CTI Client side a group is link only once in time - subsequent changes in the group are then automatically transferred.


In the CTI Server user-based clients should be configured with:

  • Name, first name
  • Main TAPI device
  • possibly e-mail address
Configure group

Under "Groups" a new group is to create and provided with permissions. As permission, you can specify, for example, whether the calls with or without a phone number to be displayed.

Then add the clients, you want to manage in the group. Direct only clients can be added to a group, but no TAPI devices. The clients associated TAPI devices are monitored indirectly.

If you want to include a TAPI device in a group, you can create a "Client without login" and assign the TAPI device to it. The Client can then be added to the group.

Configuring CTI Client side

A group can be linked in the CTI Client as a speed dial panel. The speed dial panel displays the status of all clients in this group (monitoring).

The integration of the group can be done via [Menu > Options > Speed Dial > Link CTI Server Group panel].

Hint: In the CTI Client must CTI Server plugin must be active: [Menu > Options > Customize > Components and Plugins > CTI Server].

For more information, refer to the CTI Client Help [Menu > ? > Help > Monitoring / presence management].