Server-side phone books are supported from CTI Server version 1.3.000 - in connection with CTI Clients from version 3.0.021.

Basic configuration

The basic configuration includes a "Global.Phonebook" directory (Access database). This cannot be deleted.

Creation of new telephone books

New telephone books can be created using the "New.." button (initially only based on an Access database template).

In the future, it should also be possible to integrate external ODBC data sources.

Integration of the telephone books on the Client side

The phone books are automatically integrated on the Client side as soon as they have read permissions for a phone book in the CTI Server.
See also the following section "Permissions".


The Clients receive permissions for a telephone book exclusively via groups. So at least one group with clients has to be created. One or more phone books can then be assigned to the group using the "Resources..." button.

If the authorization for "offline cache" is set, the phone book entries are saved in the CTI Client working directory and are therefore also available offline (without a connection to the CTI Server). This can be useful for laptops. Another advantage is that the data does not have to be transferred to the clients each time the program is started.

Shared notes

The contact notes are stored on the server and are therefore visible to everyone and can be edited by everyone.