Client Account

Here you can create and edit the settings for the clients. A client can be identified by its computer name or by username/password.

  • [x] Transfer password to Client with next login.
    Next login will be processed without password check.
    If no password is set, a random password is generated.

Optional information

Last name, First name, Department

This optional settings are only for the administrator to keep the overview and to bring some structure in the thing.

Manage permissions

In the lower dialog area you have to manage the permissions of the client.

Tab [Rights]
  • Main TAPI Device(s) The client can control and monitor this device. So he has all authorisations for this device. If the option [Offline Journal] is activated the phone calls are logged in the sever when the client is offline. As soon as the client connects next time with the server, the logged phone calls are transmitted.
  • Server Journal: Set read/write rights for the Server Journal.
Tab [Monitor Rights]
  • Monitor-Rights for other Devices The client can control and monitor these devices by LED.
    With [CLIP] it is determined whether the client may also see the phone number of callers or only the state of the foreign device (free/busy).
    With [Pickup] it is determined whether the client should receive the authorisation for "pickup phone call".