xtelsio CTI Client Installation


Un-zip the ZIP archive and then run setup.exe.

In the Setup startup dialog, click [Next >]. In the following dialog the license agreement is to be confirmed.

Setup dialog "Program directory"
  Setup - xtelsio_CTI_Client 3.0.008
  C:\Program Files (x86)\xtelsio_CTI_Client\

The proposed program directory should be used if possible.

Setup Dialog "User"
  Setup - xtelsio_CTI_Client 3.0.008

Here you determine whether the application should be installed only for the current user or for all users. This affects later, whether the program shortcuts are created for the current user or all users in the Startup menu and on Desktop.

Setup dialog "Working directory / Config directory"
  Setup - xtelsio_CTI_Client 3.0.008

The default path is "%EIGENE_DATEIEN%\xtelsio_CTI_Client_Data". Alternatively, the working directory can also be created in "Application Data" or a personal network drive.
Hints: Each user needs his own work directory. A working directory must not be used by multiple users simultaneously.

Setup dialog "License"
  Setup - xtelsio_CTI_Client 3.0.008

If you already have a license key, you can enter it here.
Alternatively you install "without a license" with 30 day trial period.

Setup dialog "Components"
  Setup - xtelsio_CTI_Client 3.0.008

The "ActiveX telephony component" is only required for special applications.

The "Outlook Addin" created a special dial button in Outlook to just call from emails or contacts.

The "CTI Client TAPI-Connector" provides a TAPI device in the system, which can optionally be used in any other TAPI application.

Setup dialog "Short cuts"
  Setup - xtelsio_CTI_Client 3.0.008

Hint: The system tray is the right area of the Windows task bar.

With [Finish] the installation starts.

Configuring TAPI Device

Select TAPI device

Select from the CTI Client main menu: Options > PhoneDialog (TAPI Device) ...

Selection dialog

Here you can select your TAPI device.

Under "Local TAPI devices" all TAPI lines of all installed TAPI drivers are listed.
For questions regarding the installation of the TAPI driver for your PBX or phone, please contact your phone administrator or the manufacturer of the system or the phone.

For some phones / PBX's of the CTI Client offers integrated drivers:

  • Asterisk-based VoIP telephone systems
  • SIP phones: Snom, Aastra, Yealink; (DECT-phones are not supported)
  • Skype
  • The "SIP Softphone" allows direct SIP telephony via headset.
Dial Settings

After selecting the TAPI device, the dial settings are still to configure.
Important here are mainly the settings to the PBX / outside line access code:

Indicate here if your PABX requires a outside line access code.
Some information is also available via the [Help] button.

Link Outlook Contacts

By following steps you can integrate your Outlook contacts in the CTI Client.

Select from the CTI Client main menu:

Phonebook > New > New Folder Linking > Outlook, ODBC, ....

Select "Outlook" on left side and click [Next >].

Dialog "Name and Content"

You can adjust the default folder name, as needed.

Dialog "Select Data Sources"

Here you can select the desired Outlook Contacts folder.
After click on [Next >] the contacts from this folder are read.

Hints: Only one folder can be selected a time. Subfolders are not automatically imported. If you want to include multiple folders, the entire process is to be executed per folder.

Dialog "Cache"

Contact information will be cached locally, so they do not need to be re-read by Outlook at each application start. In Outlook changed or new created contacts are automatically transferred later.

After [Finish], the Outlook Contacts folder will be displayed in the phone book of the CTI Client.

Special settings can be made later by [right click the folder > Properties].

Dial from other applications using a hotkey or mouse click

by Hotkey
Mark a phone number in the another application and hit the break key (or another configured Hotkey). The marked phone number is transmitted into the clipboard and then dialed from xtelsio CTI Client.

Configuration: [Options > Telephony > Dialing from other applications]

Tip: Under [Options > Telephony > Answering Calls] the same hotkey can be configured also for answering and hanging up.

by mouse click
Click with the middle mouse key on a phone number in any application. The xtelsio CTI Client tries to recognise the phone number and popups a small menu to initiate the call.

Dial by mouse click is to activate via: [Options > Telephony > Dialing from other applications]

Alternatively, [Ctrl + right mouse button] can be used.