Configuration Dialog:
[Options > Journal > Asterisk CDR]

Hint: Under [Options > Customize > Components and Plugins] "Asterisk CDRs" must be activated.

With these settings, you can transfer offline-calls* from the Asterisk CDRs in the CTI Client journal.

At the start of the CTI Client only the calls are taken that were logged in the Asterisk CDRs after the last closing of the CTI Client.


1 You need access to the MySQL server of your Asterisk PBX.
Log in to the Unix command line in MySQL:

mysql -u root -ppassword db

Hints: Between-p and password must be no space. The database 'db' contains the table 'cdr'.

Create a MySQL user with network access rights:


Example ( is the IP of your PC):

mysql> GRANT SELECT ON db.cdr TO cticlient@'' IDENTIFIED BY 123456;
mysql> GRANT SELECT ON db.cdr TO cticlient@ IDENTIFIED BY '123456';

2. A MySQL ODBC driver must be installed on your computer. See: ; Tested with the driver version 3.51.28.

3. In [Control Panel / ODBC] You should create an ODBC link in advance (DSN) for your MySQL server.


Select Data Source

Select the previously created ODBC DSN or create a new DSN for the MySQL server.

After selecting the ODBC data source the table "cdr" should be displayed below.


If you need offline CDRs for multiple extension, then enter them separated by semicolon. For example: SIP/201;SIP/202

Link Journal with source "Asterisk CDR"

Open [Options > Journal > Journal]. Here under "Log events from these sources into his journal" you have to select the entry "Multiple Event-Sources". Via button "Edit ..." then add the source "Asterisk CDR".

Manual Configuration

The configuration for reading the Asterisk CDRs is stored in the CTI Client working directory at: "cfg\Plugins\AstCDR\AstCDR.xml".
Menu: [File > Working Directory > Open]

You can set the "LastCDRTimeStr" parameters manually in the "AstCDR.xml" file, if necessary for reading older Asterisk CDRs. The application must be closed.