Network Setup

Based on an existing installation you can create a preconfigured setup and afterwards transfer it to other computers.

In a network environment you may first configure only one computer with the xtelsio CTI Client. The configuration could cover following points:

  • License Key
  • Telephone book folders
  • TAPI Devices
  • Journal Settings

Then call [File > Administration > Generate Setup] in the already configured CTI Client instance and save it on a network drive. For example, at:


You can start the created setup now on another computer.


Terminal Server Configuration

It creates an automatic configuration for the terminal server users. This includes a working directory template under "%PROG_DIR%\auto_config\workingDir".

It a terminal server user starts the CTI Client for the first time (possibly via autostart), a pre-configured working directory is created for him.

Configuration changes can be transmitted to all users even later by DIF distribution.

Central configuration directory

A network setup or a terminal server configuration can be enhanced by a central configuration directory. This directory can store phone books, including configuration and notes centrally.
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Hint: Shared notes can be realized also via ODBC data sources with memo column.