Standard Installation

  1. Un-zip the ZIP archive and then run setup.exe.
  2. Follow the dialog sequence.
Hints for Administrators
  • The setup creates only the most necessary registry entries for uninstalling and for the components of Outlook Addin, ActiveX, and TAPI connector.
  • The configuration data are stored not in the Registry, but in the Working Directory.

Installation by Hand

In some cases an installation by hand can be advantageous.
The following steps are to be carried out:

  1. Un-zip the setup ZIP archive. For the installation you need only two folders:
    • bin: This folder contains the program directory.
    • workingDir: This folder contains the working directory.
  2. Copy the folder "bin" to " C:\Programme\" and rename this afterwards to "xtelsio_CTI_Client".
  3. Copy the folder "workingDir" to "My Files" and rename it afterwards to "xtelsio_CTI_Client_Data".
  4. Create a program shortcut on the desktop:
    •  Drag the cti_client.exe from "C:\Programme\xtelsio_CTI_Client" with the right mouse key on the desktop and choose in the appearing context menu the entry [Create Shortcuts Here].
    • Right-click the new program shortcut and enter under "Start in:" the path to your working directory (see 3.).
  5. That's all.

Hint: When installing manually, the components of Outlook Addin, ActiveX, and TAPI connector are not registered and therefore can not be used.