With this dialog you can construct and edit search filters.

Gerneral hints to filters

Example of search filters

Example 1: Search for all firms in Berlinwith Inc in name.

select where
    City = 'Berlin'
    AND Firm = '*Inc'

Example 2: Search for all companies in Berlin, with "Inc" or " AG" in name.

select where
    City = 'Berlin'
    AND (
            Firm = '*Inc'
            OR Firm = '* AG.'

Filter Syntax

Tips to the filter syntax

Dialog Elements

Filter Name: Name of the filter.

Folder Name: Name of the folder. (Filters are stored folder-referred.)

Filter Editor Field: In this field you can edit the filter manually. Some processing steps can be made only by hand, as for example the insertion of new parenthesis-levels.

Insert a New Line: Above the current line a new line is inserted and can be edited then.

Delete Current Line: A click onto this button deletes the current line.

Test Syntax: With click onto this button a syntax-check is done.

Line Link Operator: Selection of the line-logic-link-operator AND / OR.

Fieldname: Selection of the field name for the current line. The selection box contains all field names of the current folder.
<=>: Selection of compare-operator. <> means in this case 'different from'

Compare Value: The value specified here is compared with the field contents. The compare-value can begin or end with a *. For details see Filter-Syntax.
Text / number specifies whether the comparison value is to be evaluated (to compare) as text or as a number. Text is put in high commas.