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  • Linking CAO-Faktura addresses in xtelsio CTI Client
  • Dialling phone numbers in CAO-Faktura
  • Show incoming calls in CAO-Faktura

CTI Client in combination with CAO-Faktura

CAO-Faktura is an ERP system that is available in a free version. You find information and downloads to CAO-Faktura under:www.cao-faktura.de

The xtelsio CTI Client offers the following additional functions in connection with CAO-Faktura:

  • You can integrate your CAO-Faktura addresses by ODBC.
  • Phone calls are indicated with name and logged in the journal.
  • By mouse click you can open the address record in CAO-Faktura.
  • Phone calls from CAO-Faktura are executed by xtelsio CTI Client.

Linking CAO-Faktura addresses in xtelsio CTI Client

Steps to link the CAO-Faktura address records:
  1. [PhoneBook > New > New Folder-Linking... > Outlook, ODBC, Textfiles...]
  2. Choose the entry [ODBC] in the dialog "Type of Data Source".
  3. In the dialog "Name and Content" you can change the suggested folder name and contents type if necessary.
  4. With [Next] the dialog "Select Data Source" from the Windows ODBC manager appears. Here you are able to either:
    • to select an existing Data Source Name (DSN) to your CAO database (if you have created this before),
    • or to create a new DSN to your CAO database with [Add...] and open it afterwards with OK.
      • In the first dialog you are asked for the type of the data source. Here you can choose User or System.
      • In the following dialog you choose the installed MySQL driver, e.g., "MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver" and hit [Finish]
      • In dialog " Connector / ODBC " you can use the following parametres:
        • Data Source Name = CAO_Faktura
        • Server = the IP address of your MySQL server or localhost if locally installed
        • User= root
        • Password = no password
        • Database= cao
      • Further tips to Windows ODBC Manager on the basis of Access...
  5. In the dialog "Select Table from ODBC Data Source" now all tables of the CAO database are listed. Mark the table "adressen" and hit [Next].
  6. In dialog "Column Selection" you can select additional columns or vote out not required ones. The column "REC_ID" must be selected!
  7. In dialog "Column Properties" the columns have to be typecast by their contents. You can keep the defaults in first step.
    More infos...
  8. In dialog "Cache" you should keep the defaults and close the dialog sequence with [Finish].
  9. => the address table is now visible in the folder structure.
Later modifications of the folder settings:
  • Right-click the folder and choose [Properties (folder)].
Adapt data mask individually:
  • Select a record in the linked CAO-Faktura folder and open the accompanying data mask by F2 key or context menu.
  • By the right tool button you can switch the data form in the editor's mode and arrange the fields by own requirements.

Dialling phone numbers in CAO-Faktura

To dial a phone number, simply click on the icon behind the phone number. The phone number is automatically transfered to the CTI Client and is dialed.

Show incoming calls in CAO-Faktura

Incoming calls are indicated via phone popup window.


  • Activate in the xtelsio CTI Client the Interwoking Sequence "CAO-Faktura Adresse anzeigen" via:
    [Options > Interworking > Start/Control of Other Applications]

  • A click on the Interworking button and "CAO-Faktura Adresse anzeigen" opens the address record directly in CAO-Faktura.


  • The address display process is based on an automatic keyboard-steered search. The result is that it "flickers" a little bit.
  • If you run the control sequence, while CAO-Faktura is minimised, the application is restored, but afterwards cannot be simply minimised, however, any more. Minimise worked then only via the CAO-context menu of the task bar.
    => you should not minimise CAO-Faktura if possible, when you use "CAO-Faktura Adresse anzeigen".