In the common main journal all phone calls can be logged centrally.

Input of the Journal

With activated Journal following calls are logged:
  • for all TAPI devices for which the checkbox in column "J" is ticked and that are opened. A TAPI device will be opend if it is assigned to a Client or if in [TAPI devices > Column 'M'] a hook is set.
  • The journal can be also fed indirectly by the clients, if the clients are connected directly (for instance) by USB cable with the phones. This setting has to be carried out in xtelsio CTI Clients under: [Options > CTI Server > CTI Server X > Log calls in CTI Server]. In this case in the server no TAPI devices must be configured, but only the clients. And the Clients need write permissions for the server-Journal. Therefore the corresponding hook is to be set in the client configuration dialog.
Name resolution for Server Journal

The name resolution to calls is currently done in the CTI Client because the phonebooks are included on the client side. So that the contact information is transmitted to the Server Journal, the following settings must be set to a CTI Client: [Options > CTI Server > CTI Server X > Log calls in CTI Server]. And in the Server, the Client needs write permission for the Journal.

History based on Server Journal

Hint: The Client must have read permission on the Server-Journal.

The contact-related History can use the Server Journal. The setting must be set on client side under: [Options > History].

Hints to the storage of the journal entries

The journal is stored in the folder "Journal" in the server's Working Directory. In this directory the following files are stored:

day.log: In this file the phone calls of the current day are stored. With day change or by new start of the Server the entries are taken over in the file journal.log.
Hint: The entries are sorted chronologically according to end date of the call.

journal.log: Contains all journal entries, excluding the actual day. The entries are sorted chronological by conversation start (ringing time).

cols.ini: Contains the settings to the journal columns.

journal.ini: Contains settings for the Journal.

See also tips to the dialog [Logging].

Statistical analysis

For the statistical analysis of the journal you can use Excel for instance.


  • You should carry out the analysis with a copy of the file journal.log.
  • The columns are separated with tabulator.
  • The first row contains the column names.