Example Configuration
You own a PBX for 10 phones extensions. One computer is connected with the PBX via USB cable. On this computer the TAPI driver of the PBX is installed as well as the xtelsio CTI Server. Besides, xtelsio CTI Server allows several Clients on the local network to access the TAPI driver .

On 5 workplaces you want to use the xtelsio CTI Client to control an monitor one or several phones per client via xtelsio CTI Server.
For example, the respective workplace phone on each of the 5 workplaces should be controlled and monitored, and by speed dial button LEDs the state of other 9 phones should be signalised (Monitor Bar).

Required Licences
You need:
  • 5 workplace licenses for xtelsio CTI Client (Standard or Professional Version)
  • 5 Client Access Licenses for xtelsio CTI Server.
The licence costs for the server is calculated only by the number of the clients and, perhaps, used additional functions like the central journal. The CTI Server software itself don't need a license key.
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