Dial by Hotkey

If this option is activated, you can dial a number from another application via hotkey. In the basic configuration, the "Pause" key is set as default hotkey.

The "dial via hotkey" works as follows:

  1. The CTI Client must be started (possibly in the background).
  2. Select the number to be dialed in another application. This can be done automatically by checking the option "auto select field content". In a DOS windows, the number must always be manually selected with the mouse.
  3. Press the hot key (eg the "Pause" key). The selected phone number is transmitted to the standard Phone dialog and automatically dialed.

Configuration: [Options > Telephony > Dialing from other applications]

Tip: The hotkey can be configured for "Accept call" and "Transfer" too. 

Dial by middle mouse button (OCR)

By means of OCR Dial you can simply dial phone numbers by mouse click from within any applications. As soon as you click a phone number with the middle mouse key, the CTI Client tries to recognise the phone number by OCR and displays it in a small Popup-Dial-Menu - and, with a second mouse click, you can dial it.

Configuration: [Options > Telephony > Dialing from other applications]

Example: Dialing from within Outlook contact form

Example: Dialing from an Outlook-EMail

Internet Explorer: In Internet Explorer you have to remove the hook under [Internet Options > Security > Protected Mode]. This is necessary to detect the mouse click.

Acrobat Reader: In Acrobat Reader you may need to disable "Protected Mode" under [Edit > Preferences > Security (Enhanced) > Sandbox protection].

Restrictions: According to used fonts the OCR recognition can also miss, e.g. if there is no space between single digits. Use in this case the Dial by Hotkey. Condition is that the phone number can be marked.

Problems with virus scanners: Should a virus scanner runs on your computer, problems may appear with OCR Dial. The virus scanner shows, perhaps, a warning on application start or with the dialing by middle mouse key. However, it can also be that the system blocks. Hence, the cti_client.exe should be configured in the virus scanner as a trustworthy application.

Outlook® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

Dial via TAPI-Connector

With the installation of CTI Client a TAPI driver is installed which can be used by other TAPI applications to dial and drop calls. If you dial a phone number in the other application, then this action is redirected to CTI Client and is executed by the first configured TAPI device. So you can use additional features of the CTI Client for other TAPI applications, such as the specially supported VoIP phones (e.g. Yealink, Aastra), or call number format.

Terminal Server: As of version 3.0.037, the "CTI Client TAPI Connector (MultiUser)" also works in a Terminal Server environment.
For the moment, this applies under the condition that the Windows Telephony Server user management is deactivated under: [Run > tapimgmt.msc]. Thus, all users see all TAPI lines.

Configuration: [Options > Telephony > activate CTI Client TAPI Connector]

If you deactivate the TAPI Connector, the link between Client and TAPI driver is switched off, but the driver keeps installed in the system. You can also remove the TAPI driver from TAPI environment, if you don’t need it.

Dial by URL-Link (callto:)

By means of especially formatted hyperlinks you can hand over phone numbers from a Web page (Intranet) simply by click to the CTI Client to dial it. This "callto:" - links are used often on phone book pages or for service numbers. You can also build in such links in your own web pages.

Configuration:[Options > Telephony > Dialing from other applications > via URL Link]

Hint: For the Firefox web browser there is the add-on "Telephone Number Detection", which recognizes telephone numbers on any web page and automatically modify these with a "callto:" link. In order to work in conjunction with the CTI Client, the "CallTo:" protocol must be selected in the add-on settings.
- https://addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/addon/telephone-number-detection/

- The add-on "Telify" does not work for Firefox "Quantum".

Skype: If Skype unintentionally reacts on "callto:", then remove this hook in Skype: [Actions/Tools > Options > Advanced > Use Skype to call callto: links on the web].
Then, in the CTI Client set again the hook for "callto:" (see configuration path above).

Windows 10: Under Windows 10, the Edge browser may display a dialog "Do you want to switch the app?". You may suppress this dialog permanently by clicking the "callto:"-link once in Internet Explorer. The Internet Explorer pop-up a confirm dialog too, but provides a check box for the permanent suppression of the message.

Examples for "Dial"

Hint to "%20":

Spaces are to be replaced in URLs with "%20". Therefore, the following HTML code examples are unfortunately somewhat cryptic.
  The URL content "+49%203727%209999" represents "+49 3727 9999".
  It would be simpler and more legible to remove the spaces in advance from the telephone numbers. Example: "+4937279999".

via "callto:"

HTML code: <a href="callto:+49%203727%209999">+49 3727 9999</a>
  <a href="callto://+49%203727%209999">+49 3727 9999</a>
Browser view: +49 3727 9999
+49 3727 9999
  or with Line-default:
HTML code: <a href="callto:9999?line=2.1">9999</a>
You can activate the "callto" command via [Options > Telephony] or via SETUP.INI parameter "Reg_callto".

via "tel:"

HTML code: <a href="tel:+49-3727-9999">+49 3727 9999</a>
Browser view: +49 3727 9999
  or with Line-default:
HTML code: <a href="tel:9999?line=2.1">9999</a>
You can activate the "tel" command via [Options > Telephony] or via SETUP.INI parameter "Reg_tel".

via "cticlient:"

HTML code: <a href="cticlient:%20/dial%20+49%203727%209999">+49 3727 9999</a>
Browser view: +49 3727 9999
  or with Line-default:
HTML code: <a href="cticlient:%20/dial%209999%20/line%202.1">9999</a>

Example for "Hangup"

via "cticlient:"

HTML code: <a href="cticlient:%20/drop">Hangup</a>
Browser view: Hang Up

Dial via command line

cti_client.exe /dial PHONENUMBER [/line x.x]
The PHONENUMBER will be dialed. With parameter "line" a line can be selected (2.1 = second line, first address (MSN)).

Other valid content for parameter "line":
- LineName oder Line-Aliasname
- MSN or MSN-Aliasname
- LineName|MSN
- MSN.LineName
- x.x, z.B. 2.1: the first MSN of the second line


c:\Programme\xtelsio_CTI_Client\cti_client.exe /dial 12345678

start cticlient:"/dial 12345678"
start cticlient:/dial%2012345678
start callto:"/dial 12345678"

The parameter /dial requires that an application instance is running already. The cti_client.exe started by command line transfers her parametres to the running application and finishes itself then without becoming visible.
The command line must be started with the same rights as the running CTI Client instance. If the CTI Client is running with increased admin rights, the dial command may not be delivered.