Test with TAPI-Tool "phone.exe"

Test procedure:

  • Download the TAPI tool "phone.exe".
  • Unpack the ZIP archive and start the phone.exe.
  • Select under "Device" the "Snom Line 1" and click "Start Session".
    If successful, the button should now show "End Session".
  • Type in "Phone #" a phone number and click "Make Call".
  • Now your phone should setup the call.
  • If incoming calls are not displayed, please follow the instructions under FAQ.

Test with Outlook

 If you use the "Office Communicator 2007," you have to set a Registry parameter "TAPIOVERRIDE" in advance.See instructions from Microsoft.

  • Close and restart Outlook
  • Right click one of your Outlook contacts and select "Call Contact...".
  • Click to dialog button "Dialling Options..."
  • Select your "snom Line" in the selection field "Connect using line".
    Hint: You may need to scroll in drop down window to see all TAPI lines.
    Close this dialog with [OK].
  • Now you are able to make calls via Outlook.

Incoming phone calls

Hint: Incoming calls are not displayed by Outlook itself. You will need an extra TAPI application like the xtelsio CTI Client.