Aktion URLs - Settings

The phone can send its connection status to a Web server by Action URLs:

  • Call incoming, outgoing,
  • offhook, hangup,
  • connected, disconnected

The TAPI driver contains a micro-webserver to receive these events.

Firewall:Firewall Configuration for micro-webserver TCP Port

The Action URLs are not used in Asterisk driver. Here, the calls are detected via the Asterisk Manager Interface.

  Line configuration

Local IP Address IP Address of your own computer (NOT the telephone IP!). The micro-webserver will listen on this IP Address.
  • If necessary, click [Stop] to enable the selection box.
  • If your phone is integrated into another network, you may need to specify the external IP address of your computer or router via [Extended...]. Ask your network administrator.
TCP Port The micro-webserver is binded to this local TCP port.
If port 8080 is already in use by another application, you can set a different port like 8081.
Hint: Firewall Configuration for micro-webserver TCP Port
DHCP Put this tick if your computer gets changing IP addresses via DHCP. If a new IP is detected, the mini-Web server is automatically bound to the new IP.
State State of micro-webserver; Active or Inactive;
It may be "Inactive" if the TAPI line is closed.
Start Click to [Start] button to start the micro-webserver manually. If an error occurs like "Initialization failed" you should try another TCP port.
Supported Action URLs These Action URLs are supported by the TAPI driver (micro-webserver).


  • "Automatically configure Action URLs in your phone": The Action URLs are automatically set in the phone with TAPI line open and deleted with lineClose. If the action URLs could not be set, TAPI-lineOpen failes with an error message.
  • "Action URLs are already configured in the phone": Some VoIP providers prevent automated config of the Action URLs. In this mode, the Action URLs may need to be configured manually in the phone.

Configure Firewall

Firewall Configuration for micro-webserver TCP Port
Error Analysis


If your TAPI application does not display incoming calls, please follow FAQ#1000.