Configuration Dialog:
[TAPI-Line Configuration > Asterisk Server > Settings... > TAPI-Functions]

Existing Default Dial Context:

Enter here the existing default dial context of your PBX. This context is used for Redirect and BlindTransfer.

Consultation via "Atxfer"

If your Asterisk PBX supports the manager command "Atxfer", you can activate this check box. Atxfer is supported in Asterisk version 1.6.
Other conditions are:

  • In the Asterisk system the functions "In-Call Asterisk Attended Transfer" and "In-Call Asterisk Blind Transfer" must be configured and switched on.
  • The TAPI application must call the lineSetupTransfer function with the parameter destination number (LINECALLPARAMS.dwTargetAddress).

Hold + Consultation via "Park"

If your Asterisk PBX supports the manager command "Park" and "Bridge", you can activate this check box. The "Park" command is supported by Aterisk 1.6. The consultation call is initiated by "Originate" and "Bridge" is used for call transfer.

Answer via Special-Context-Self-Redirect

For "CallAnswer", the driver can send a special Redirect-command to Asterisk. So the call may ringing again with auto-answer header. The Asterisk PBX provider has to patch the Asterisk, to add the auto-answer header.


DND, CallForward, UserInfo

DND, CallForward, UserInfo

Blue LEDs (phone is switched of / out of service)

In the basic configuration, the ExtensionStatus events of the Asterisk are evaluated to see if a phone is switched off or available again.
This logic may detect wrong states, depending on the Asterisk configuration. For example, an unregistered Phone will be displayed as "green".
If false states are signalized, you may remove these hook.