The following notes are used to configure the CTI Client in conjunction with Yealink IP phones.

For Yealink phones, the configuration instructions are basically the same as for Snom phones.


  • For the Yealink phones, the CTI Client includes a built-in driver - so no stand-alone TAPI driver is offered.
  • However, the CTI Client provides a "CTI Client TAPI-Connector" in the Windows system , which can be integrated in other TAPI applications.
    By this way, TAPI control is enabled for Yealink phones indirectly via the xtelsio CTI Client.

Special hints for Yealink phones

Connect Error / Authentication Error

With firmware version x.73.x.x or higher, the Yealink Login is based on an Internet Explorer component. If the IP address of the Yealink phone is not in the security zones "Local intranet" or is "trusted", the HTTP connection to the phone may fail.
Therefore, make sure first that you can log on to the Yealink phone via Internet Explorer.
For more information see: Connection

No HTTPS / SSL: The CTI control only works via HTTP (not via HTTPS / SSL)! Please make sure that the Yealink phone supports HTTP for web configuration.

Allow Remote Control

Yealink phones have a security function, so that control (dialing, answering) is only possible from confirmed IP addresses.

To do this, the IP address of your computer must be entered in the "Action URI IP allow list". See: [Yealink-Web-Konfiguration > Features > Remote Control > Action URI allow IP List]. The registration of the computer IP should normally be done independently by the CTI Client. Or you manually enter "any" to allow "Remote Control" from all IP addresses.
In the context of Asterisk TAPI driver there are still problems with the firmware x.73.xx The "Action URI IP allow list" must be set manually in this case via web browser.

Which local computer IP is used, results from the driver configuration setting on the tab "Actions URL". In the context of the "TAPI for Asterisk" driver it is the tab "Local IP".

If the "Action URI IP allow list" was set or changed first time, the next CTI/TAPI dial action must be confirmed once on the phone. Then also CTI functions such as "Answer" are executed by the phone.

CTI dial does not work

To resolve the problem, follow these steps:

  • Verify that a manual dial is performed correctly on the phone.

  • Verify that you can log in to the Yealink phone using Internet Explorer. You have to use HTTP (no HTTPS / SSL)!
    Hint: It is explicitly to use the Internet Explorer (32 bit), because the CTI Client also uses the Internet Explorer invisible for the login.

  • Restart the phone. (Simply pull the 5V power cord and re-insert it.)

  • In the CTI Client, select "Use Active Identity from Phone" in [Options > PhoneDialog (TAPI Device) > Driver Configuration > Tab "Dial" > Identity for Outgoing Connections].

  • Please read the instructions above for "Allow Remote Control".
    Also important is the correctly set local computer IP on the tab "Actions URL".

  • Restart the CTI Client using [File > Restart Application].

  • Setup a call using CTI. If the message "Allow Remote Control" appears in the telephone display, confirm this once on the telephone.

  • Verify that you can initiate a dial action in the Yealink web configuration: [Directory > Phone Call Info > Dial Number].
    • If that does not work, it could be due to a special Yealink firmware from your VoIP provider (so occurred at TelekomCLOUD).
      You could try to install the official Yealink firmware for your Yealink phone from: [ > SUPPORT > DOCUMENTS & SOFTWARE / DOWLOAD].
      Hint: Under [Settings > Auto Provision], you can disable autoprovisioning in Yealink by setting [PNP = Off] and clearing [Server URL].
Group call

Problem: Unfortunately, if one group rings several phones in parallel and the call is answered by another group member, the own telephone does not report an Action URL. The own CTI Client does not get, that the own Yealink phone does not ring anymore.
Solution: Under [Options > PhoneDialog (TAPI device) > Driver configuration > Other] you can set an "Incoming call timeout".

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