The TAPI application does not show any incoming calls (Action URLs).

The Action URLs are not used in Asterisk driver. Here, the calls are detected via the Asterisk Manager Interface.

Technical background:
The TAPI driver set so called "Action URLs" in the phone. When a call event occours, an Action URL is triggered, an the phone establishes a TCP connection to the PC. The TAPI driver receives the event data from the phone and then generates a TAPI Call Event.

Please check the following settings:

Test preparation

  • Restart the phone.
  • If necessary, restart your TAPI application.

Test 1: Check phone IP address

  • Please make a test call with your TAPI application. If your phone starts dialing, the specified IP is correct. If the phone is not responding, please check in Configuration Dialog [Connection] if the IP address is valid for your phone.
    If you enter the telephone IP address in your web browser, the web configuration from the phone should be visible.

Test 2: Local IP Address

  • Check in Configuration dialog [Action URLs] if the correct local IP address is selected from your PC. To this IP address the phone sends the Action URL events. If necessary, click [Stop] to enable the selection box.

Test 3: Local IP-Port

  • If a click on [Start] shows an error message, the port may be already in use. Then select a different port, for example 6000 or 8081.
  • If all tests were successful, but no Action URLs are received, try using another port, e.g. 4040 or 8081.

Test 4: Firewall

  • Turn off your firewall for testing. Ask your administrator if another firewall is installed in addition to the Windows Firewall.
  • If the calls are displayed now, the firewall had blocked the Action URLs.
    Solution: Click on "Configure Windows Firewall" button in Configuration dialog [Action URLs]. If another firewall is installed on your PC, turn in this port 8080 free for incoming TCP connections. You need admin rights for this action.

Test 5: Test-Button

  • Click button "Open Test-URL in the browser" in the Configuration dialog [Action URLs]. If your web browser displays the text "<TAPI>Receive OK</TAPI>", the TAPI driver are able to receive Action URLs .
  • If your web browser is not displaying "<TAPI> Receive OK </TAPI>", you may select another port (eg 6000 or 8081). If your computer has multiple local IP addresses, check if you have the right selected.
  • Enter the Test-URL displayed in you browser (eg into a web browser on another PC. Here also "<TAPI>Receive OK</TAPI>" should appear. If in contrast to your PC, now an error message appears, probably a firewall has blocked the action.

Test 6: phone.exe

  • This test step is only for the TAPI driver. If you use the CTI Client, you can skip this test step.
  • Download the following TAPI test application "phone.zip" and unpack it.
  • Start the phone.exe
  • Select the "Snom Line1" and click [Start Session].
    If successful, the button switches to [End Session].
  • Now, the Action URLs should be entered in the phone.
    You can verify this by opening the appropriate configuration page in Web browser:
    • Snom-Phones: http://<TELEFON-IP>/action.htm
    • Aastra:
    • Yealink:
    • Tiptel:
  • Call with the phone a known number.
    If you can see in the phone.exe corresponding TAPI events, the action URLs are working.

Additional tests, if your phone and the computer with TAPI driver are on different networks:

If your PC and phone hanging on the same network, e.g. IP and, the following tests are not relevant to you.

Test 7: Set external PC's IP.

  • In Configuration dialog [Action URLs > Advanced] you may enter the external IP address, if necessary, under which the computer with TAPI driver is visible from the phone's point. May ask your network administrator for help.
    Setting an external IP address may be needed in these cases:
    • The TAPI driver is installed on your PC and the phone is in an external network.
    • The TAPI driver is installed on a local server and the phone is in an external network.
    • Your phone is on the local network and the TAPI driver is installed on an external server.

Test 8: Test for router problems.

  • Attach the phone to the PC network or vice versa.
  • Adjust in driver configuration under [Connection] and [Action URLs] the IP addresses according to your network.
  • If the calls are displayed now, it is a router problem.
    Ask your network administrator for help.


The phone does not respond to TAPI dial.

Please check in Configuration Dialog [Connection] whether the specified IP address belongs to your phone and the username / password are correct.


Hinweise für Österreich-A1 Kunden mit Snom Telefonen

  • Im A1 Web-Portal ist unter [Teilnehmer > Benutzer-Daten] die Option "Passwort für SIP-Telefon verwenden" einzuschalten. Testen Sie dann, ob Sie mit dem Webbrowser auf das Telefon kommen.
  • Damit die Action URLs im Snom Telefon gesetzt werden können, muss das Snom Telefon in den Admin-Mode geschaltet werden. Wenden Sie sich dazu bitte an den A1-Support.
    Wenn sich das Telefon im Admin-Mode befindet, dann starten Sie den CTI Client neu bzw. öffnen die "TAPI for Snom"-Line, damit die Action-URLs automatisch im Snom gesetzt werden. Anschließend ist in der Treiber-Konfiguration auf dem Tab "Action-URLs" folgender Modus auszuwählen: "Action URLs sind bereits im Telefon konfiguriert". Somit bleiben die Action URLs im Snom dauerhaft erhalten.