Detect Special States

Timeout for incoming calls For calls from a call group, the phone may not report an end of call (IDLE) via Action URL. To prevent the call from ringing forever, a maximum value (in seconds) can be specified after the driver itself generates an IDLE.
"Hang Up" after redirect incoming call The snom log file is analysed to detect the hangup state of your snom phone after you have redirected an incoming call.
Disconnect a call on hold If a "Disconnect" is received, the SIP.log from Snom phone is analyzed to determine whether the active or held call has been disconnected.


Answer with headset

The call is accepted by a simulated click on the headset button on the telephone.

  • Warning: If your Snom phone is always in headset mode and you want to make calls with a headset, then this option should NOT be activated. Otherwise, when you switch the headset mode, you would switch back to the speaker mode.