The following notes are used to configure the CTI Client in conjunction with Grandstream IP phones.

For Grandstream phones, the configuration instructions are basically the same as for Snom phones.


  • For the Grandstream phones, the CTI Client includes a built-in driver - so no stand-alone TAPI driver is offered.
  • However, the CTI Client provides a "CTI Client TAPI-Connector" in the Windows system , which can be integrated in other TAPI applications.
    By this way, TAPI control is enabled for Grandstream phones indirectly via the xtelsio CTI Client.

Special notes for Grandstream phones

Supported Grandstream phones
  • GRP-Serie (e.g. GRP2614)
  • GXP21xx, GXV3240

The phones use fixed login names ("admin" and "user"). In the web configuration, only the password can be changed/set to these users.
If multiple SIP identities are configured in the phone, you should use the username "admin" in the TAPI driver for authentication, so that the identities can be read out.

Test: You should specifically test with Internet Explorer if you can open to the Grandstream web configuration. If no login window appears after calling the Grandstream IP address or it automatically switches to HTTPS, please delete your browser history and try again. [Internet Explorer > Settings > General > Browsing History > Delete].

GXV3240: For this model, the user name should be "gmiadmin" or "user". The use of "gmiadmin" for CTI allows a parallel web login as "admin". For "gmiadmin" the same password applies as for "admin".

GXP21xx Models, GRPxxxx Models
Necessary settings in the Grandstream web configuration:
  • Open the Grandstream web configuration as "admin".
  • Click-To-Dial: The following setting must be activated in the phone: [Settings > Call Features > Click-To-Dial Feature].
  • Settings for "Remote Control"
  • The CTI Client automatically sets these settings on the phone. If the CTI dialing does not work, you may need to set the settings manually on the phone.
Problem with Action URLs:

The following notes can be ignored if you use the "TAPI for Asterisk" driver.

  • The GXP21xx telephones (firmware version do not generate some Action URLs reliably. When dialing and the handset is still onhook, the phone does not generate the events "outgoing call" or "terminated".
  • An outgoing call may not be displayed until the target has accepted the call. Or the outgoing call is initially displayed without a number.
  • If you dial manually on the phone, you should first pick up the handset and then dial the number, so that the phone correctly reports the Action URLs.
Model GXV3240

The following functions can not be controlled by CTI:

  • Call hold
  • Setup consultation call / Transfer
  • Unfortunately, with the firmware version, call answer via CTI does not work any more ("command not found"). With firmware version, call answer was working.
  • The "Switch to headset mode after dialing" option does not apply to the GXV3240. If required, the GXV3240 can be permanently switched to headset mode directly on the phone.
Dial test via the Grandstream web configuration

Create a test contact with a phone number in the Grandstream web configuration under [PHONEBOOK > Contacts]. A click on the contact phone number should then setup the call.


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