The following notes are used to configure the CTI Client in conjunction with GigasetDX IP phones.


  • For the GigasetDX phones, the CTI Client includes a built-in driver - so no stand-alone TAPI driver is offered.
  • However, the CTI Client provides a "CTI Client TAPI-Connector" in the Windows system , which can be integrated in other TAPI applications.
    By this way, TAPI control is enabled for GigasetDX phones indirectly via the xtelsio CTI Client.

Supported phones

  • Gigaset DX800A, DX600A

Please read: Special Notes / Restrictions

Connection Settings

  Gigaset DX - Line Configuration

IP Address IP Address or IP-Name of the phone.


  • The phone should be assiged a fixed IP (no DHCP).
  • The connection is established to the TCP port 650.

Password The default password is 0000.
(possible test results)
OK: TCP connection could be established and the password is correct.

TCP connect error: Possible causes:

  • IP address is incorrect;
  • Another application (eg QuickSync) is blocking the Gigaset. (The Gigaset supports only one TCP connection.)

Authentication error:

  • The password is probably incorrect.