Special Notes / Restrictions

Unfortunately, the Gigaset telephones support only a few commands for call control and call signaling. Therefore, the following restrictions exists:

Unterstütze Aktionen: Wählen, Auflegen und Ruf annehmen.

CTI only for base station: The control actions and the call signaling applies only to the base station. So you can't initiate a call for a DECT handset or monitor the DECT handsets.

Problem "outgoing call": It can not distinguish between "calling/ringback" and "connected". Therefore, the following trick is used: The call is signalized as "calling" for 10 seconds and then as "Connected", even if the called party has not yet taken off. If you ever let it ring for a maximum of just 10 seconds, the display / journaling would roughly correspond to reality.

Problem "call waiting": It can not distinguish between an incoming second call and a consultation call. And there is no information about whether a second call is answered. Therefore, in case of a waiting call or a consultation call, always a second call is signalized for 5 seconds so that at least a short indication is visible and a journal entry is created.
Furthermore, no second (waiting) call is signaled when just a outgoing call is in progress.

Problem "internal call": No distinction is made between the DECT handsets. Calls are therefore displayed only as "Internal" without number.

Initiate internal call: Single-digit numbers are dialed as "internal". Example: If you dial "2", the first handset is called. (The base station is the "1".)

QuickSync: If the QuickSync software is connected to the phone, unfortunately, no other application can access the phone. The QuickSync software should therefore be closed when you use the CTI Client.