The following notes are used to configure the CTI Client in conjunction with COMfortel-Dxxx IP phones.

For COMfortel-Dxxx phones, the configuration instructions are basically the same as for Snom phones.


  • For the COMfortel-Dxxx phones, the CTI Client includes a built-in driver - so no stand-alone TAPI driver is offered.
  • However, the CTI Client provides a "CTI Client TAPI-Connector" in the Windows system , which can be integrated in other TAPI applications.
    By this way, TAPI control is enabled for COMfortel-Dxxx phones indirectly via the xtelsio CTI Client.

Special notes for COMfortel telephones

Supported COMfortel telephones
  • COMfortel D-Series

Supported Functions
  • Dial
  • Hang Up
  • Answer
  • Hold
  • Consultation + Transfer
  • BlindTransfer in conversation
  • BlindTransfer on call
Configuration for CTI dialing
  1. Open the COMfortel web configuration in your browser.
  2. Click [Access] in the menu on the left.
    • Enable "Allow Action URLs".
      • This is necessary for actions such as dialing and hanging up.
    • Generate a token or mark and copy an existing token.
      • You then enter this token in the CTI Client under [Options > PhoneDialog (TAPI device) > Driver configuration > Security token] and check it with "Test".
Configuration for call display
  1. Open the COMfortel web configuration in your browser.
  2. Click [Access] in the menu on the left.
  3. Enter the IP address of your computer under "Action URL Server" with reference to TCP port 8080.
    Examples:   If your computer has a fixed IP address.
    http://PC-XYZ:8080   If your computer often receives a new IP address via DHCP, the computer name must be entered.
    • The phone then sends call events to the CTI Client, which receives them on TCP port 8080.
    • If port 8080 is already in use on the PC, you can use a different port (e.g. 8081).
    • Only HTTP is supported for receiving the call events (no HTTPS).
  • The call events are sent from the phone with a 1-2 second delay. The CTI/TAPI application therefore also reacts with a slight delay.

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